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Lost in translation.. yet again!

Exhibit A – arranging an interview and photograph of an emergency doctor for a national magazine, via email:

Doc: Interview later this afternoon. I’m free tomorrow afternoon if you need a photo. (That sounds so vain…)

Me: That’s great! How about I come down to the emergency department to take a photo tomorrow afternoon at 2pm? (I bet you think this email is about you…)

 Me (TO SELF): Nailed it!!!

Doc: See you tomorrow (unless this email isn’t about me?).

Me (TO SELF): Ummm.. what?!

Exhibit B – networking with media contacts:

When a local TV reporter recently tweeted this image of a tennis match, saying “All this tennis is making me hungry”, I thought it was really funny. We all did, in the office.

So when he called with a media enquiry the other day, I thought I’d let him know I liked it.  

Me (IN HEAD): Hey, that tweet you sent out about the tennis match, with the DIM SIM score..? Hilarious!! Oh my god, you made us all laugh in the office here! Gold!

Me (ACTUALLY TO REPORTER): Hey, I love your dim sim.

(Contrary to reports from my colleagues, I did NOT finish up with ‘mmmmmm’.)

I was all like: I carried a watermelon

Until next one..




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