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Hair today, gone tomorrow (aka don’t play with fire!)

Note to self:

  1. Do not play with lighters.
  2. Do not play with candles.
  3. Do not lean in close to aforementioned lighter when lighting aforementioned candle when it’s windy.

For your information:

  1. No injury resulted from this life lesson, except to my self-respect.
  2. Hair burns extremely fast.
  3. “Whooomphhh” is an accurate word to describe the sound of hair burning.
  4. A small section of long fringe produces an awful amount of ash and debris when burnt.
  5. I can run from the kitchen table to my bathroom mirror in under three seconds.
  6. I can easily make the kind of shriek that only dogs can hear.
  7. My neighbour’s dog heard me and barked incessantly for the next 10 minutes.
  8. One feels naked without a long fringe.
  9. One feels particularly naked without a long fringe when the remaining tufts are uneven and clearly unintentional.
  10. Hardly any hairdressers are open late on a Sunday afternoon.
  11. Hairdressers have no mercy and will laugh at your calamitous hair emergency.
  12. You won’t care because hairdressers can sometimes work miracles.
  13. I call it the Singe Cut.
  14. I’ve always wanted to be brave enough to cut my fringe. 
  15. I would have preferred a less dramatic method. 
  16. My new theme song: “Alicia Key’s “This girl is on fire”. Feel free to replace “this girl” with “my fringe”. 
  17. I wasn’t going to tell anyone about the Great Fringe Singe of ’15. 
  18. I decided it might make somebody’s day. 
  19. You’re welcome. 🙂

2 comments on “Hair today, gone tomorrow (aka don’t play with fire!)

  1. buildyoursalon
    September 3, 2015

    lol It’s true – we are a merciless bunch and I would definitely laugh as long as you weren’t in tears 🙂 I would add a number 20. The smell – it never leaves you. Happy growing!! x

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