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They come in threes

I’ve been in a new work role in a large health organisation for four months and I’m still learning who’s who in the zoo and where everything is located.

So when my work phone rang and the programmed caller name flashed on the screen – “Persistent Pain” – I panicked.

I asked my workmates who the persistent pain was and should I answer the call? My workmates said not to worry and that my predecessor had programmed “Persistent Pain” into the phone so she was forewarned  who was on the phone before she took the call. 

I bravely answered, ready to be firm yet gentle, professional yet not to be pushed around by this annoying and potentially rude serial pest caller. I answered the phone with steel in my voice.

Turns out Persistent Pain is the name of an actual unit in our organisation. 

Strike one! 

Then there’s my work mate who was photo shopping images for a promotional billboard. After several minutes of muffled frustration emanating from her desk, she broke into peals of laughter.

She’d been trying unsuccessfully to Photoshop an unsightly mark out of the photograph.

Turns out the mark was a smudge on her computer screen.

Strike two!

Yesterday someone called to tell me one of the display cabinets in one of our lifts was damaged.

As we have many colour-coordinated lifts throughout our buildings I asked which lift? The blue lifts in the main building and it was the lift closest to the walkway.

 Then, clearly without thinking it through (as I am a highly intelligent woman), I asked which floor the lift with the cabinet was on?

Turns out it was on the first floor. Uh.. no.. second floor. Wait… third floor.

Strike three!

And I’m out…



2 comments on “They come in threes

  1. poobag
    July 28, 2015

    not out for number two clearly wasnt your fault.. 😉

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