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Lost in translation… again

“There are words I shouldn’t say around you and dad,” my almost six year old daughter, Matilda, said to me tonight.

Me, worried: “Umm.. like what?”

Matilda: “Like stupid.”

Me, relieved: “Well, that’s not a kind word to say, but it’s not a bad word.”

Matilda: “And ringhole.”

Me, shocked: “Where did you hear that?!”

Matilda: “I don’t know. Ringhole.”

Me, the good mother: “Now darling, I don’t want you saying that again. It’s a yucky word that we don’t use. It’s a bad way of saying bottom.”

Matilda, indignantly shocked: “What?  No!”

Me: “Yes darling.”

Matilda, confused: “But my barbie doll has one.”

Me: “Well, she probably does, but we call it a bottom.”

Matilda, as though to a child: “No!! The hole in her hand where her ring goes… her ring hole!”

Oh… yes of course. That’s what I thought you meant…


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This entry was posted on August 21, 2014 by in fruity / just plain nutty!.
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