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What the… ?

Our family cat recently died and we were all gathered outside when we found him. It was a really emotional time and we were all distraught.

Particularly as he had been attacked on several occasions recently by an aggressive cat in the neighbourhood.

My five year old daughter was especially upset and cried out, “Come on Tigga, come on fella. Why won’t you move? Are you okay? Is he dead? I bet it’s because of that f#cking cat up the road!!”

Wait.. what?

I tried to be quite the adult, gently instructing that we don’t use that language and she is never to say that again, while still comforting and reassuring her, teaching her about the cycle of life.

All the while wondering.. where the f#ck did she hear that from?

I bet it’s not from me…




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This entry was posted on August 6, 2014 by in guilt trip, tart.
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